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Non-Hazardous Regulated Medical Waste Disposal

What is regulated medical waste (RMW)?

Regulated medical waste is comprised of any byproduct or waste material discarded during, or after medical procedures and processes. Types of RMW include biological waste such as blood or excised tissue, bloodied bandages, linen, bedding, sharps, chemo trace tubing and vials, etc.

Vermont Shred does not accept hazardous waste.

How does this service work?

  • You choose the container that fits your needs.
  • We work together to create an effective schedule to remove your RMW on a regular basis. 
  • Vermont Shred will remove full containers from your location and dispose of them!

RMW Receptacle Options


Bag in a Box

Labeled cardboard boxes, lined with red plastic bags, placed in your facility for the disposal of regulated, non-hazardous, medical waste.


PG II Containers

PG II containers are used for bulk sharps disposal. These containers lock, are leak proof, and do not require secondary packaging. Ideal for compound pharmacies.