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Document Shredding Service Options

Regular Bin Service

The receptacles we offer are stationary, executive consoles (100 lb capacity) or wheeled, 64 gallon totes (200 lb capacity). Customers choose any number or combination of receptacles and we work together to find a service interval that best suits their needs. Service intervals can range from weekly to quarterly. 

Purge Service

Purge service, is offered as a one time or recurring service. Pricing is based on quantity of letter size boxes (approximately 12-15" in length), legal size boxes (approximately 20-24" in length), or the paper can be in bags, loose piles, or file cabinets and is then measured by the 64 gallon tote (provided by Vermont Shred). 

Shred Events

Shred events usually occur on weekends and can last 3-4 hours. Vermont Shred will be on site of a hosting client and shredding is either provided free or at a discounted rate (a portion of which is donated to charity).

Electronics Recycling

We offer FREE electronics recycling to school districts, non-profits, small businesses with less than 6 employees, and residential customers. Customers that do not fall into one of these categories incur a small hauling fee either by the piece or by the pound depending on volume. We accept, all computers, computer peripherals, and televisions. 

Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drives are physically destroyed via a hydraulic punch (on-site) or by hydraulic shears (off-site). All drive platters are destroyed beyond repair! 

Executive Console

Executive Console


- Height 32.25"

- Width 21.75" 

- Depth 15.5"


- Anti-phishing paper deflector.

- Self-closing lock with metal striker and anti-pry device.

- Table top design can hold up to 40 lbs, and can double as printer stand. 

64 Gallon Tote



- Height 42"

- Width 24.25"

- Depth 20.5"


- Can hold up to 250 lbs of paper.

- Lockable.

- Lid with molded paper slot for secure document collection.

- Non-marking wheels.